Monday, May 7, 2012

15 months old!

Happy 15 months Carter James! Here are some things to remember about this age:
-size 18-24 mo
-size 4 diapers
-25.2 lbs
-2 ft 5 in
-taking two naps a day

 LOVE being outside and going on our family walks!
 Always enjoy eating. Some of your favorite foods are: grapes, strawberries, chicken, cherrios
 Sharing Mommy's favorite- Strawberries!
 Finally no more bottle and using a big boy cup like Griffin
 You love reading books. This 100 First Words book is your favorite and you often go and get it to bring it for us to read it to you. The words you are saying now are: Mommy, Daddy, bye bye, puppy, duck, choo choo, hi, "broder" for Griffin
 You are very adventurous and not afraid of anything! You will climb anything and love doing anything all by yourself.
You are learning to have friends, although still having a hard time with sharing. We are so thankful to have Ike closeby so yall can grow up together!