Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy 18 months, Carter-man!

We had a family day at Cades Cove this past weekend and I thought it would be the perfect time to capture YOU at 18 months!

We took you to a creek there and this was your first glimpse of it. You always take in the world around you and normally give the "Oh WOW!" face!

After thinking it over you got excited when you heard Daddy and Griffin were going in and started clapping. Pretty much anything they are doing, you want to be in the middle of.

Your Daddy is so good to let you go at our own speed and you love being right by his side.

Feels pretty good on those feet... this isnt bad!

 By this age I had your brother trained when I had out the camera with the cheese face. This however is what you give me :)

Speaking of your brother, he is your favorite person in the world! You two have so much fun together and I couldnt be more thankful that yall truly are best buds.

Now that your personality has come alive, I often find your brother watching you to see what you are going to do next. You both love to make each other laugh and will do anything to start the giggles!

This shirt really says it all of you son! You are tough as nails and rarely cry when you fall or get hurt... you save all the crying for when you get MAD! Oh that temper is a bad one. Your new thing is that when you dont get your way, you run as fast as you can to hit something. Doesnt matter what it is.. you just have anger and need to get it out quick!

We often see this little hand out. Typically it is to ask for more food, but in this case you are wanting a rock too because you saw Griffin throwing one.

Daddy was teaching you two how to skip rocks. I can promise you son, if there is something a little boy is supposed to know or do... your Daddy will show you!

You boys spotted two butterflies and were watching them fly. You kept saying "buttfly" and then shortly after I took this picture went over and picked one of them up and then threw it down. Again not afraid of anything!

Oh you little stinker! That smile captures anyone and you have filled our life with a lot of joy, even though I do call you "Our little stinker!"

I pray that you two will continue to walk through this life, hand in hand, encouraging one another and pointing each other to Jesus. It is a joy to be your Mommy!

A few other things to remember at 18 months:
-still taking two naps a day
-goes to bed a 8pm and still has to have the bottle at bedtime (UGH!)
-loves going to school. will walk into your class and turn around to blow me a kiss without a second thought.
-obsessed with Batman and can sing the theme song
-usually one of two extremes: giggling or screaming
-wearing 18-24 mo, size 4 diapers and 4.5 shoe
-can say just about anything you want to
-loves puppies and motorcycles