Friday, July 13, 2012

Jesus & Bubbi

One of your new words is "Jesus!" Which of course is the sweetest word to hear out of your mouth! Also, you have now given your brother a nickname.... and although I hope it doesnt stick forever, I love that YOU came up with it and now have a way to talk to your best friend :) And yes he does answer with "Im not Bubbi, I'm Griffin!" haha

Saturday, July 7, 2012

17 months in Hot hott July!

We've had some fun trips on the lake at Diddy's house and this was your first jetski ride with Uncle Moose! You were a bit scared when it moved but you ended up sitting still and enjoying the ride once it was going.

I'm amazed at how much you two love each other. Well if I'm honest, you have a love/hate relationship. You do NOT like it when he takes stuff away from you or is in your way... you push or hit him if he does. But most other times you guys are giggling at each other!

Its crazy to me how big you are getting. Your personality is HUGE and are always finding a way to make us laugh. This morning you found Daddy's hat, put it on yourself and then came and found me smiling bc you were so proud.

You do have a bit too much stubborn in you. We are all quickly learning, if Carter doesn't get his way he will let you hear about it. Well on this day when we went to story time at the library, you were insisting that the librarian let you touch the pages while she read the book. Since there was about 15 other kids there and you were blocking their view she had to ask you to move. You didnt want to of course so her happy compromise was you sitting in her lap. Oh you child... I just have to laugh. You know its bad when everyone at the library knows YOUR name :)

You are full of energy, very adventurous, and a crazy fun little boy!

At 17 months you:
-wear size 4 shoe, 18-24 months, and size 4 diapers
-take 2 naps a day (9 & 2)
-eat, eat and EAT!
-can say almost anything we ask you to (Mommy, Daddy, Bubbi, Bye Bye, Puppy and More are your favs)
-are fascinated with motorcycles
-love Mickey and reading books
-still drink from a bottle (I KNOW ITS BAD!)
-obsessed with your paci (another bad)
-love to give hugs and kisses
-are Mr. Independent
-dont cry at school anymore.. she has learned to bribe you with snacks!
-into anything your brother does