Monday, August 19, 2013

Potty Training

2013-08-19 09.25.09

It was that time… no more diapers! We had been prepping you and let you pick out your own undies, to which you chose Ninja Turtles, of course!

2013-08-19 17.20.35

More than anything you were ready to be a “big boy” like your brother.

2013-08-19 10.25.48

We stayed home all day and got busy with puzzles and games in the kitchen so that you’d be close to your potty. We started out with a little stand alone potty. You had one accident, where you finished in the potty, and from that point on it just CLICKED!

2013-08-19 09.27.21

You were so so so proud of your undies!

2013-08-19 09.27.12

Silly boys


So proud of you!  Your first day you did excellent with only 2 accidents with pee…

2013-08-20 09.16.41

second day you went poop for your new sword as a prize

2013-08-21 11.05.56

and by the third day you had it all down! We even made it to story time with no accidents! Hooray!!!!! Smile

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

two and a HALF!

carter at 2.5

You my big boy are two and a half today! I love this picture I captured while you were running on the beach… its just a glimpse of your energy these days! You have grown up so much in the last 6 months and if you are asked, “Carter, when did you get so big?” you will say, “Tuesday!”  You are still Mr. Full of Emotion and are either giggling like crazy at your brother, pouting because you havent gotten your way, or about 90% of the time just screaming! We are trying to show you that you have to use your words to get out your anger or tell us what you want but most of the time your emotion takes over and you just scream!

You are very much obsessed with all things superheroes, and specifically Batman. Luckily you’ve started sleeping later but for the longest time we could expect you at our bed at 6am with your Batman mask on, your Batman sword in hand and your captain America shield in the other. Something funny you say when you see bad guys on the movies is, “Mommy, joker is looking into my eyes!” You think that if they cant see your eyes then they cant see you and so you often hide your eyes from the TV Smile

Bubby is still your very favorite. A good majority of the time yall are best buds and you are his little shadow. Of course yall fight over toys and who the heck gets the blue cup, but overall its all love. He is the first person you ask for when you wake up and if you don’t know where he is sometime during the day you ask about him then too. You are so proud to get to sit in the back seat with him now too and Mommy is thrilled that you can buckle your own carseat!

If you are ever asked what your favorite anything is you always say, “The blue ninja turtle is my favorite!” No matter if we ask you your favorite color or favorite food ha! Speaking of food you do eat about anything. Your favs right now are “Fruit poops” (aka Fruit Loops), peanut butter sandwich, hotdogs, any fruits and of course your beloved milk that you still have to have every time you go to bed.

2013-08-10 10.53.20

2013-08-11 11.26.56

2013-08-11 16.08.43998866_10101567954578345_41307805_n1014161_10101567904708285_352880311_n1016900_10101555240098265_1334007206_n581798_10101619574292025_1441866735_n988287_10101615388809765_775056174_nDSC_0660DSC_0688DSC_0716DSC_0811DSC_0842DSC_0928


We love you stinker boy!!