Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer lovin, having a blast!

Now 16 months old, you are hitting summer with LOTS of personality! You of course are still happiest when you are eating.... and the most sad when you are hungry and arent being fed!

We've enjoyed yummy strawberries this season and just like your Mommy, they are your favorite!

You are Mr. Independent and want to do everything on your own. You are feeding yourself by using your own utensils, walking on your own everywhere and playing on your own with anything you choose.

They are still of course those moments where you get totally frustrated and just have to come to Mommy and scream. Ha... oh that face that I wont ever forget!

You are very healthy and an eating machine. Summer means watermelon which makes you say "More, more!"

You were cautious at first but finally starting loving the splashpad we have nearby.

And you are absolutely FEARLESS on the playground. You climb up by yourself and I am always so afraid that you will just jump off!

You have been hiking twice with Daddy already this summer and have made it a total of 13.8 miles. You enjoy your carrier and I think mostly enjoy just being outside!

Carter James, you continue to be a joy to our life and we love you dearly!!!